Susan brings professionalism that can inspire and build confidence in people and their teams. Susan started by leading the way on recruiting needed talent for upper level management positions in our growing company. She continues to consult on as-needed basis when we need fresh eyes or ideas on our business development. If you or your company have a chance to work with Susan, I highly recommend her services.”


– Trey Wyatt, CEO Leaf Landscaping Supply

February 2023

“Susan is such a positive influence on all that are lucky enough to work with her! She brings excellence to everything she does, stays flexible and service-oriented even in the face of environmental changes, and somehow balances adventurousness with reliability. I know of few other people who could help any organization with as much integrity, joy, and mastery of interpersonal differences than Susan.”

– Katie Raver, Owner CEO NLP Austin

August 2022 

“Susan is a breath of fresh air. She is skilled at listening and is a mature professional who tackles challenges head-on. Susan’s kind, thoughtful demeanor has helped our growing team move through some rough patches over the years. Thanks to her support and by keeping a focus on our core values, our team is thriving and is ready to move to the next level. I really appreciate how Susan is a life long learner, is flexible, and continues to grow with our team as we navigate these uncertain times. I feel blessed to know that Susan has all of our best interests at heart!”


– Deidra Ryan, CEO DMR Accounting and Consulting

June 2020

“Susan Yenzer’s guidance has been vital to the success of Wellshift. Vision is nothing without execution, and execution was failing. Susan swooped in and called it like she saw it. She did so with grace and professionalism at both the executive leadership level , and communicated all the way down to each member. Thanks to her, we went from a process-less daily fire-drill, to an organized, coordinated team machine. If you cross paths with Susan and  Advancing Performance, stay close. A miracle has arrived. ”


– Melanie Weinberger, Founder & CEO Wellshift

May 2016

“You have so much soul, love, kindness and outreach. You see people in need and reach out.  That is huge. You are also clear, direct, expressive and collaborative. You have a unique big energy that unites a group”


– Kelle Hinckley-Hand, Global Facilitator EPIC Leadership Program

I will not hesitate to recommend your services and have recommended your services. You have a very dynamic personality and an innate ability to get individuals to open up to you. With these traits, your knowledge of business organizations, marketing, networking, and your savvy business acumen you can truly help others’ business adventures to become successful. If I were ever to take another leap into opening a business, I would only do so after engaging your services.”


– Catrina Sorensen, Board Certified Paralegal – Family Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization

“Motivating and inspirational, thank you. You delivered reality in a way that excited me and made me realize there are so many opportunities out there beyond my perceived expertise.”


– Blane Stengle, WestCove Resources, LLC

“Strong, badass, loving.”


– Allison Kramer, Life Coach for Young Women

“Thanks so much to you for working so skillfully and wonderfully….you have such fantastic people skills, and I am so enjoying working with you.”


– Rose Batson, President Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

April, 2019

Design Your Powerful Life was a fantastic experience, gaining me great introspection into my life. The two day course not only clarified my vision for my future, but outlined the necessary steps I must take to achieve what I desire. I plan on taking the course again in the future so that I can track my progress in achieving my dreams.”


– James Weeks, Longhorn Lawn Club

June 2022