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Advancing Performance, LLC  builds cultures of highly performing individuals through the technology of team behavior and the art of Organizational Development.  


As Performance Pathfinders, we lead teams toward becoming more:

More passionate in purpose
More connected to self and others
More courageous and bold in the commitment to succeed.

With each client we drive performance and motivation by bridging people together into highly performing teams.  We do this by:

  • Creating and communicating clear linkages between organizational mission and employee actions, goals, and pay
  • Adapting quickly to our work teams within the learning organization
  • Prioritizing implementation, execution and the evaluation of action plans

By responding resourcefully to the needs of our clients, we move beyond fixing problems to creating possibility.


While earning her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin, Susan discovered her passion for Industrial-Organizational psychology and for better understanding into the powerful interface between worker and organizational systems.

As a corporate trainer in the rapidly growing Cellular Telephone Communications industry, Susan became an avid student in the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement and trained her team following the wisdom of organizational authorities such as Collins, Covey, Drucker, and Lencioni leading corporate teams in the technology of long term success through customer satisfaction and organizational performance. While working at A T & T Wireless, “I learned to adapt quickly by adding value in an environment where the only constant was change.”

In 2011, Susan received her Masters degree in Human Services from St. Edward’s University.  Since then, she has had the privilege of working with the City of Austin, Google, and many small businesses within the Communications, Health Care and Legal industries.

With her family and friends,   Susan has lived in and loved Austin for most of her life.  She enjoys long walks on Town Lake, floating in Central Texas’ hidden swimming holes and volunteering on behalf of the Austin community she adores.

Certified 2008

Development Work Shops and Business Services


  • Living Your Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Organizational Health Index and Strategic Management Planning
  • Melding Team Work Styles and Personalities
  • Goal Setting and the Achievement Process
  • Fearless Communication & Feedback Loops
  • “Who Stole the Cheese”


  • Performance Management Systems
  • Employee Handbooks
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys



“Susan Yenzer’s guidance has been vital to the success of Wellshift. Vision is nothing without execution, and execution was failing. Susan swooped in and called it like she saw it. She did so with grace and professionalism at both the executive leadership level , and communicated all the way down to each member. Thanks to her, we went from a process-less daily fire-drill, to an organized, coordinated team machine. If you cross paths with Susan and  Advancing Performance, stay close. A miracle has arrived. ” – May, 2016

Melanie Weinberger Founder & CEO

“You have so much soul, love, kindness and outreach. You see people in need and reach out.  That is huge. You are also clear, direct, expressive and collaborative. You have a unique big energy that unites a group” 

Kelle Hinckley-Hand
Director of Business Development at Apogee Inc

I will not hesitate to recommend your services and have recommended your services. You have a very dynamic personality and an innate ability to get individuals to open up to you. With these traits, your knowledge of business organizations, marketing, networking, and your savvy business acumen you can truly help others’ business adventures to become successful. If I were ever to take another leap into opening a business, I would only do so after engaging your services.”

Catrina Sorensen
Board Certified Paralegal – Family Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization

“Thanks so much to you for working so skillfully and wonderfully….you have such fantastic people skills, and I am so enjoying working with you.”

Rose Batson                                                                                                                        President                                                                                                                               Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

“Motivating and inspirational, thank you. You delivered reality in a way that excited me and made me realize there are so many opportunities out there beyond my perceived expertise.”

Blane Stengle
WestCove Resources, LLC

“Strong, badass, loving.”

Allison Kramer
Life Coach for Young Women



Advancing Performance would like the opportunity to help your business realize its goals.